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Third Graders Rock!!

Homework Guide on our Wiki

The link above will take you to our class wiki. The homework will be posted in there to refer to if necessary.

This is just a guide as to how accomplish and pace the week. Kids find their groove and coincide their work to adjust to sports and enrichment. Thank you for your assistance in this process.

Beverly Cleary Book Report- Starts September 22 and is due October 24th!

Third Graders are starting their Beverly Cleary book report this week. We read the instructions together today, made notes along the way, and mapped out what to do and how much time we have to complete this project. The kids have one month to:

1. Choose a book- this week. The kids will show me their book on Friday, as it is part of this week's homework. (Some kids already found one in Media Center today.)

2. Read the book- 2 weeks

3. Make a book jacket- 1 week

If your child has the book chosen and is set, then they can show me their book and begin reading.

Please help your child remember to place their book in their backpack so they can read it at school as well.

Happy choosing and reading this week.


We are climbing into division this week and learning how it is repeated subtraction, hence, the operation symbol is almost identical. They are SO excited to do division... just like multiplication!! Please support this area of learning by discussing problems wherever they appear in life.... almost everywhere! Food, sharing, money, fractions and upper level fractions, etc. Also discuss how there will always be 4 mathematical expressions for every 3 numbers in a fact family. (i.e.) 4x3=12 (4 groups of 3) and 3x4=12 (3 groups of 4) and 12 divided into 3 groups is 4 and the opposite being 12 divided into 4 groups is 3. Whew!! So many connections to be made. Thanks for your help at home. The kids really need to see more of this in their natural environment.

**Arrays were fun to learn because of their presence literally "everywhere!"

Cookie Science

Last Tuesday, Mrs. Trujillo, Mr. Evans, and Mrs. Ghods came in to bake cookies with the kids. Small groups prepped, mixed, and baked delicious cookies... and the batches all had something different about their make-up, which affected their composition.

I led the kids in almost an hour long study of watching a Ted video, reading cool literature about different ingredients, and how they react to one another and under what kind of temperatures, etc.

The kids were taking notes, discussing what may happen.... then saw it all come to life when they made and saw their finished products. The cookies looked and tasted different. To conclude the lesson, I gave the kids a 5 minute writing prompt to express how they viewed a chocolate chip cookie now... and the results were similar. Many kids said they never knew how much cool stuff was 'behind' a basic cookie. We thank our parents for making our day so fun and to Mrs. Trujillo's vision and effort behind this lesson. She even made it over to our local firefighters to share some of the goodness. :) Awesome way to learn about science, math, and reading... and to give back to our community at the same time.

check out the video