By: Kaitlyn Shaw

What is drama?

A drama is a story enacted on stage for a live audience. The word drama comes from the Greek verb dran, which mean "to do".

  • The earliest know plays...
  • were written around the fifth century B.C.
  • produced for festivals to honnor Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility.

In a play there is a tragedy. A tragedy is a play that ends up unhappily. Most classic gree tragedyies deal with serious, universal themes such as: Right and wrong, justics and injustice, and life and death. The portagonist of these plays is the tragic hero. this hero is noble in many ways and has a tragic flaw.

Different types of plays

There are are kinds of plays such as, comedy and modern comedy.

Comedy- A play that end happily. The plost usually centers in a romantic conflict.

Modern Comedy- The genders in this plot pattern sometimes are reversed.