Chemistry Of Life

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Lipids are made up of fatty acids glycerol. Lips contain fat, oil, and triglyceride


It's all about the H2O. water includes adhesion, cohesion polarity, heat storage ,and pH

Adhesion meaning coming together

Cohesion meaning molecule held together


carbohydrates are saccharides that are divided into many different chemical groups such as Monosaccharides , Polysaccharides, and Disaccharides

Monosaccharides have glucose .

Polysaccharides have cellulose and starch

Disaccharides have lactose


  • macromolecules are large numbers of atoms such as protein ,carbohydrates , and nucleic acid
  • Macromolecule types are protein, lipids, carbohydrates, and nucleicacid


protein does the most work in the body. proteins are made up of many amino acids, amino acids attached one another to make a large chain. There are 20 different amino acids to make a protein .

Nucleic Acids

Nucleice acids allow organisms to transfer genetics info to off springs

Two types of nuleic acids are DNA and RNA


An enzyme shape is important because it determines the substrate that it is , they fit into one another like a puzzle unless the enzyme is denatured then it will not be able to bind the substratre.The function of an enzyme is speed up the reaction.activation energy haves to break in order for a reaction to happen . As the heat increases in a enzymes begin to melt and doesnt cause a reaction .