Lanham Lowdown

4th Grade News

March 6th, 2015

Important Dates

Spelling Test

Friday, March 13th

Tropical Smoothie Orders Due

Friday, March 13

Tropical Smoothie Day

Wednesday, March 18

Spirit Wear Orders Due

Wednesday, March 18

Spring Break

March 23rd-March 27th


I like the secret codes I did at reading because you have to make your own. We got to do different symbols and letters. We all made our own codes. After that we wrote them on pieces of paper. Next we went around the room and read other peoples codes. It was very fun and interesting.

Then we also did a book trailer. What a book trailer is a little hint or glimpse of the battle of the books. We watched some of Mrs.Prices classes book trailer to refresh our memory. Our class was very good at the book trailer activity.

Class Party

Today our class will be doing a movie party! We earned this party by being safe, respectful, and responsible.Whenever we are doing one of those things, our teacher puts a sticker on the chart. when we have 50 stickers on our chart we get a movie party. The movie we are going to be watching is Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good very bad day. At the party there will snacks and goodies to eat while we watch the movie. We can also bring stuff like a pillow pet. My favorite activity is watching the movie. I like this because this movie is a five star comedy movie. Think about it, how fun this would be if you were with your friends and you were having the time of your life?

By: Aiden Schuring


Hi parents this unit in math your child is learning about fractions. They are learning how to add and subtract fractions and how to put fractions in order. They are learning about how to make fractions into decimals. The most important thing we did this week was the PARCC test. We had to figure out four step problems adding,subtracting and fractions. This is what your child has been learning this week.

How would you feel if you did the parcc?

By: Allison Haisler