Figure Skating-Olympics

By: Mackenzie Yoder

Figure Skating

Figure Skating was first in the Olympic Games in the 1908 Summer Olympics. In 1908 and 1920, the figure skating competitions were held in conjunction with the Games of the Olympiad. There are 30 participants in each singles events (ladies and men). 20 couples in ice dance and 20 in pairs. The most entries a country can have is three. 24 men/ladies, 19 dance couples, and 16 pairs are allowed to qualify. If a country has only one skater/team, that skater/team has to place in the top ten to move on to the finals. The host of the Winter Olympics is only allowed one country in each event. Some countries rely on the result of their national championships while others have more varied criteria based on international success at competitions.

Figure Skating

Friday, Feb. 7th, 7pm

Sochi, Russia

Sochi, Russia host the 2014 Winter Olympics!