Rushing River

Hunter M


Begining: Do you want to know all about one of the many major land forms of Georgia? Well, my favorite land form was formed in 1,000 BC. My land form is the Chattahoochee River. It is in Atlanta, Georgia. I selected this topic because I really love this place.

Facts: First of all, the Cherokee Indians lived there. Chattahoochee also means marked rock. The Chattahoochee River also rises in the Blue Ridge Mountains.Did you also know many fish call this place home.Many fisherman catch fish here.

Instresting: In addition it was naturally formed over time and was not constructed. There are many animals like Copper Head snakes and turtles living there. It also gives a colossal water supply to GA.You can go swimming there too.Many people also see this place every year

Almost done: Next it's a marvelous place with plentiful great things. There is breathtaking water and beautiful fish. I love it there,it has interesting animals and you can go tubing there. The water temperature can be between 5 degrees Fahrenheit and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.It is a very loved place.

Ending: I think everyone should see this amazing river, and so should you! It's amazingly fun and educational as well. I hope you have learned about the Chattahoochee river from my writing. I can't wait until the next time I can return to this fabulous land form known as the Chattahoochee River.thank you for reading.


WOW!Have you read this.It's amazing I give 567667888899876 stars. If you haven't read it you should . I love it and I have faith you will love it.