Friday, December 14, 2018

Holiday Tech Drive: Your Support is Needed!

We need your support. Pine Hollow has purchased 415 Chromebooks in the last six years, but 219 of them will be over three years old in June. Although Chromebooks that are over three years old are still usable, they no longer are covered under warranty, they no longer are auto-updated (which means they can't be used for school testing or other necessary tasks), and the wear and tear on them over the years make them slower and more problematic. Thus, we need to begin replacing a reasonable amount each year, so that our students and staff have enough devices that are in good condition, running efficiently, and updated regularly.

Purchasing replacement Chromebooks comes out of our school budget and costs upwards of $300 per device. Ideally we would like to have a Chromebook Cart with 32-37 Chromebooks in every classroom, which is something that most other middle schools have in place. This would enable teachers to utilize Chromebooks daily during their lessons without having to check them out and share them with other teachers. And most importantly, it would mean that all of our students would have access to a computer, online curriculum, educational software, and the internet, in all of their classes, every single day.

Our Pine Hollow Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) has created a Holiday Tech Drive where you can make a tax-deductible donation of any amount to help us upgrade and modernize our technology on campus. Whatever amount you donate to this drive will go directly back to the classroom for Chromebooks and technology. Thank you for your support with this critical fundraiser, and please let me know if you have any questions! Best,

Ben Campopiano

Principal, Pine Hollow Middle School

(925) 672-5444 x5500


Upcoming Key Dates


  • December 17: MDUSD Board Meeting
  • December 18: Cadet Band and Cadet Orchestra Concert
  • December 21: End of 1st Semester / Minimum Day (School Ends at 12:53pm)
  • December 22: Winter Break Begins


  • January 7: Winter Break Ends (No School)
  • January 8: 1st Day of 2nd Semester
  • January 8: Site Council Meeting