Mary Kate Karle

About Me

I chose education because helping people gives me the most joy in life. I connect and love kids so much and I have always been the mother of all my cousins and siblings. I always enjoyed helping my siblings with homework and seeing them understand a concept because of my teaching them. I also LOVE reading and technology so my ultimate goal is to get my masters in media technology to become media specialist.

One of my best education memories that is coming to mind first is going to Medieval Times in sixth grade. Field trips were always the most fun in school and this trip was the most memorable because I had a blast. The whole interactive story was so entertaining and the food was amazing. The only field trip that tops this is going to Washington DC in eighth grade. We visited every monument and historical site and really bonded as a class. I was so sad to leave.


This is my baby Missy. She is my favorite pet I have ever had. She sleeps a lot and requires much attention.