Futures Weekly Update

Week of October 3-7, 2016

Skill of the Week

Using the Hallway

Next Skill - Disagreeing Appropriately

Upcoming Events...

Wednesday - Lifetouch School Photos

Wednesday - Teresa at Due Process in AM (Leah subbing, Express para??)

Thursday - Denise at Due Process in AM (Rick subbing)

Jessica at Due Process in PM (Rick subbing)

Friday - Caiti is gone (no sub)

West Homecoming - normal schedule for all except Markese will stay at Futures all day

Monday, Oct. 10 - Chris gone (no sub)

Zach at Due Process in AM (Jen subbing)

Alison at Due Process in PM (Jen subbing)

Monday, Oct. 17 - CPI Refresher 3:30 - 6:30

Connecting students to home schools

Homecoming is a good time to remind us to let students know about events that are happening at their home schools. I believe that I have gotten the activity passes for all of the students who were waiting for them.

I have been looking for Cougar and Scarlet Broadcast videos, but I don't think they start until into October. I'll share the links with you when they are available.