CES 1960's 1st Period

By: Alexa, Carson, Laurence, Will, and Wels


The 1960's definitely had its ups and downs. But this is one of the most exciting decades. Some of the conflicts include The Vietnam War, The Bay of Pigs, and The Cold War. But there was also good things that happened during this time. Including, The first Super Bowl, Man walks on the moon, Disco became popular. Technology boomed in the 1960's, it was very new and different to the country. John F. Kennedy was assassinated during his presidency. These are some of the major things that happened in the 1960's read more to find out about these topics.


This section includes a chart of how much eggs, milk and much more from the 1960s. Then, we also have a video of a news report int he 1960s.
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