Pro Hoover

By: Kimberly Young

Reassuring The Public

Hoover wants to remain optimistic, but have business like usual. He says that the government should have a role in helping solving problems, because they don't really. They just ignore a lot of things.

Aggressive In Solving Problems

He was a little aggressive when it came to solving the problems. He asked for promises of no more layoffs or cut wages (which is a good thing). People shouldn't be getting layed off during the winter or whenever, some people have bills to pay and cant just live without not paying anything. He encouraged local groups to help with the unemployed.

Don't Like Big Government

They should protect individual freedom. Hoover believes that government should promote individual freedom, and free individuals will then cooperate to "promote and protect the interests of individuals and the smaller units if business"

No Handouts!

He don't want the people that are struggling to just get what they want without even trying for it at all. Yes, they are struggling but it gets better for them but not just by people giving you the money or stuff to get better.