Computer Programmer

Job Description

A programmer works with computers, writing the instructions for program designs created by software engineers. They also update and repair software as needed, often working with computer-assisted software engineering tools and other applications
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Type of Schooling necessary

Undergraduate certificates and associate's degrees suffice for some entry-level positions in computer programming. An IT degree is also a good thing to have

Where you can recieve your education

Devry University, Herzing University, Full Sail University, Kaplan University, ITT Technical Institute, Northcentral University, Capella University

Resources for finding a job

Call an IT recruiter to get the low down on jobs coming down the pipeline. IT recruiters generally specialize in one specific field of computer programming, so talk to a colleague to get a recommendation for a recruiter suited to your chosen field.

Network with your colleagues to find job leads in computer programming. If you've been in the industry a while, you are bound to know people who work in other companies or have connections to companies which may be hiring.

Entry Pay

The average starting salary for a graduate in any branch of computer science – programming, network administration, analytics – was $61,407.

Pay Scale

The median salary is between $58,000 and $76,000, with significant differences depending on the place of employment and the amount of experience and education.


The Pay is high, entry requirements are low, the demand for computer programmers never drops

Two Testimonies

Jeff Lyons has been a computer programmer for 26 years, which has included running his own company and working at Dixie Electric Company (DEMC0). He is also the president and founder of the National Assocication of Computer Programmers.

“Everything I do is computer-related,” Jeff explains. “I work with AMI (automated meter information), reading the meters, converting computers to digital databases, writing the systems to handle the conversion, and writing customized code for the company.”

“I’m the only one at my job who does what I do,” he adds. “I do everything but computer networking.”

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