Dating Tips for Transgender women Reviews: Dating Tips for Transgender women

Transgender women are in an unusual position in which they are often stereotyped by society’s view of them. There are also several false assumptions about transgender women, so dating is a particularly tricky situation. Here are tips from a transgender woman called Tona. She has been transgender for nearly ten years and she feels that the information and tips she has to share will be particularly useful to young transgender women.

Do you disclose that you are transgender?

According to Tona, you definitely should, but there are ways of doing this that are safe. When and where will you do it? Don’t do it front of a man’s friends or in a public place. It would be better to talk about on the phone, but first asses how mature the person is. Some people react very negatively and even aggressively. Before you even think of it, find out if they’re a worthwhile partner first. Then ask some probing questions: How does he feel about gay people and transgender people? Try and get his opinion and decide whether you want to take it further from there. Does he have the mental and emotional strength to cope with the information you are about to disclose?

Once you’ve decided to go ahead and tell him, there will be a lot of questions from the male partner. Be patient and remember that you are doing this because you think he is broadminded enough to handle the information. Don’t try to deceive him. If the man is eager to have sex immediately, don’t do this. Get to know him first.

If he won’t take you out in public, don’t take him seriously. Of course, if you are also interested in casual dating on a temporary basis, this need not be a problem, but be aware that it will never be a deeper relationship.

Make sure that you know the man well before doing anything sexual. Men will really respect you for this. If they don’t, they’re not worth continuing with.

It can actually be dangerous to disclose your transgender status at an intimate moment. Hate crimes are a reality and if you are honest with the man and get to know him, you have a much better chance of being safe. It’s also important if there is a chance of a serious relationship. If the man feels he might have been deceived, it could affect your relationship or even be the cause of it ending.