Woodland Wildcat Tracks...

The place to be...

Week of September 28th...

Teachers and Staff,

Can you believe that September is almost over?

I hope that many of you were able to catch the 5 o'clock news on channel 5 Thursday. It was awesome to see one of our colleagues and a couple WMS students representing Woodland in such a positive light. Woodland is the place to be and now we have shared that with the tri-state area! If yoou haven't seen the news clip yet, please check it out at the bottom of this memo.

Please take some time and read through this memo. It is packed with important information that you need to know. As always if have any question, concerns, misunderstanding, please do not hesitate to stop by and have a chat.

Thanks for all that you do!!

Make it a great week!!

Jerry Cline

Important Dates this week...

  • 9/28/15-10/2/15: Spirit Week
  • 9/29/15: Brief meeting right after school in the library to share KPREP results (you must first sign a non-disclosure form before I can share. I will have these at the meeting).
  • 9/30/15: Picture day: The gym will be set up at 7:15AM if teachers or staff want to get this taken care before the school day begins.
  • 9/30/15: 3rd and final PGES training session, library, 2:45PM
  • 10/1/15: PPR walks in the morning
  • 10/2/15: Costco reps here from 11-1PM
  • 10/8/15: Success Day

Reminders and Information you need to know...

Bell to bell learning...Please keep in mind that it is the expectation that we are focused on bell to bell learning in the classroom. Teachers and Staff should be actively engaged in the instruction in the classroom. Based on my classroom visits and PPR walks this is certainly happening and that is awesome!

Bus Loop Supervision...We had an incident occur last week at the bus loop. After looking at the bus loop coverage schedule it was clear that we had some teachers who did not show up. Please take a look at the schedule. If there is some reason that you cannot make please find someone to cover for you. Thanks for your cooperation with this!

YSC family resource center info: If you need something for a student or a student needs something from Kristin she is happy to help but please communicate with Kristen. Thank you!

Attendance...Teachers please remember to post attendance every class period.

Just to reiterate... if you need to leave the building during the school day please get permission from myself or Dave. We know things are going to come up and we are flexible and we will certainly work with you in any way that we can. With that being said... our primary focus is quality instruction and bell to bell learning. It is difficult to get quality instruction and bell to bell learning if the regular classroom teacher is not present delivering the instruction. Please make every effort to schedule appointments, etc... after school so that the instruction and learning is not effected. Again I know things may come up and some things are unavoidable. Just communicate with us and we will certainly work with you. Thanks for your cooperation!

Construction...As you have noticed we do have construction going on inside the building during the school day. Restrooms are currently being painted and AC units are being installed in classrooms. Thanks for you patience and understanding as we work to improve our facility.

Spirit Week...We will be celebrating Homecoming week with Scott. The dress up days start Sept. 28 – Oct. 2. They are below and in announcements. Students can’t wear masks with costumes and they can’t bring accessories for their Superhero costumes. Teachers are also welcomed to participate. Show your Wildcat and Eagle Spirit the week of September 28th.

9/28 – ‘Merica Monday – Wear your Red, White and Blue

9/29 – Pajama Pant Tuesday

9/30 – Dress for Success Wednesday – Also school picture day

10/1 – Superhero Thursday – No masks, stay in dress code

10/2 – Spirit Day Friday – Wear your Woodland and Scott gear

Success Day is a go!!! PBIS is very excited for this opportunity for our students. Success Day will be on Thursday October 8. You will need to find a partner to pair up with. Each class period you and your partner would have the opportunity for students to complete work for each of you and those who don’t have missing work, to enjoy a reward period, with an activity of your choice.

If a student is missing an assignment for you or is failing your class, they are not to have the reward during the period they have you, they are to work. If a student is passing your class and has all work done for you, they will have a reward period for the class they have you. You and your partner will need to decide who has the work room and who has the reward room. Students are in the reward room and workroom for the entire period.

Signup sheets for your partner pairings are on the desk by our sign-in sheet in the office. Please select your partner by Monday October 5 so we can make arrangements if needed for those who aren’t partnered.

Students who earn the reward are allowed to bring a drink and snack and electronic if you allow them to.

If you have further questions or explanation, please talk to Ashley Wietholter, Amanda Minnich, Lorna Manahan or Allison Stacy-Schaefer. Thank you for all you do for our students and PBIS!

School wide emails... Please keep in mind that if you have important information that the staff needs to know you can always send me the info. and I will be happy to put it in the staff memo. It seems as if we are having a large amount of all staff emails that can be reduced. I don't want teachers feeling overwhelmed with having to check a large number of emails on planning.

Early Locker break and lunch detention lists...In an effort to reduce your email load throughout the day, teachers please follow the directions below to access the Early Locker Break and Lunch Detention list.

Directions for Early Locker Break List:

To generate a Daily Activity Report, open Reports in Hero:

1. Select Daily Activity from the Reports screen.

2. Select a Behavior Code, a Start Date, and End Date for your report and then click FILTER.

3. Click on a column header to sort the information on the screen.

4. Click Export to CSV to export to an Excel compatible file.

*This option will allow you to separate negative behaviors (disruption, off task, unprepared) from positive behaviors (cats cash).

*Open the Excel sheet, select Sort&Filter, then select Filter. This will allow you to sort grade level, behaviors, and last names.

5. Click Print / PDF to create a PDF that can be printed or emailed.

Directions for Lunch Detention:

To generate a Lunch Detention Report, open Reports in Hero:

1. Select Action/Compliance from the Reports screen.

2. Select a Action (Lunch Detention), select Status (Not Complied) a Start Date (MWF), and the Same End Date (MWF) for your report and then click FILTER.

Restrooms...Homeroom teachers... Please take a few minutes in homeroom on Monday to reinforce proper restroom procedures with students. We have had students leave some messes in the restrooms and we are working to find out who the offenders were so they can be held accountable. Thanks for your help with this!!

Please let the admin team know how we can support you this week.

Have a great week!!!