2015 Marketing

Sophia S

Three Companies Marketed Themselves the Best:

1.Dove is bordering on positive, portraying that everyone is a little better at embracing our own brand of beauty

2.Vineyard Vines does a great job marketing on Instagram and twitter

3.Coca Cola commercials are positive, making the customer think if they have the product, they will be happy too.

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Two of the Best Products that were Introduced in 2015, and Worst New Products in 2015

Best: Apple Watch, Hoverboard

Worst: Luminette, Vert Wearable Jump Rate Monitor

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Top Two Movies of 2015:

Star wars was marketed based on the past movies, people loved the past movies, therefore they will love the new ones.

Hunger Games theme song was catchy, had little kid birthday party, hunger games weddings, theme parks, and fast food. Hunger games did a great job marketing many events.


Top Two Musical Artists

Selena Gomez and Fetty Wap both have excellent marketing strategies. An example of this is when they create an image for themselves, and try to sell music with the latest trends. Selena Gomez has 37.1 M Twitter followers, and 59.4 Instagram followers. Fetty Wap has 4 M followers on Instagram

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Top Ten Girls Sports

1. Soccer

2. Field Hockey

3. Basket Ball

4. Volley Ball

5. Lacrosse

New Years Goal

PERSONAL IMPROVEMENT: Make Marshalls soccer team

FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Always great to meet new friends

SCHOOL AND THE OUTSIDE WORLD: I have two B's that i need to fix