METC 2014 Conference

February 11-12

Google Hangout

Used to communicate with people via video call, can be more than one at a time.

Flip the Classroom with Dr. Lodge

Using video to teach instead of live, engage the students with activity such as movement. One of his favorites are the kinesthetic lectures or flash mobs.


Use as an alternative to Movie Maker, it is quick and easy to use. Great for kids!


Kids get basic knowledge of how to create basic code like in STEM jobs such as computer programming. Teaches these codes by having kids play games and incorporating inspirational videos of STEM leaders.

View Pure

Creates an advertisement free platform for YouTube videos.

The Biggest User

This session compared the best collaborative tool, production & publishing tool, and imagery/visual tool.

Skype in the Classroom

A place to collaborate with people from all over the world, find experts to do Skype sessions with your classes and find Skype lessons.

Tiffany Whitehead

Topics such as De-Deweying, creating your PLN, making your library a learning commons, creating attractive book displays, using pinterest to get GREAT ideas!!
Flash Mob METC14 - Hey Missouri - Dr. Lodge McCammon