SSR Project

Title- A Child Called It

Author- Dave Pelzer

Genre- Nonfiction/ autobiography

Topic- A little boy is being abused by his mother because he is a "bad boy" and he has no where to go and no one to tell.

Rating- 4 I really liked this book because it gives you an idea of how hard life is for some kids and that as long as you stay strong and fight for your rights and freedom. You'll get stronger as long as you don't give up. What I didn't like about the book is that it got confusing at times.

Title- The Detour

Author- S.A. Bodeen

Genre- Fiction/drama/mystery

Topic- A famous author is kidnapped and cannot be released until she apologizes for what she did. The problem is she doesn't know what she did.

Rate- 5 it's a really good book because things that you don't expect to happen do happen. It shows how people can be clueless and not realize they did something wrong until it's too late. What I didn't like is that the book left me on a cliff hanger for a long time until the end.

Title- The Bar Code Tattoo #1

Author- Suzanne Weyn

Genre- Fiction/action/mystery

Topic- a new tattoo is becoming a big deal but when Kayla is required to get one she finds out the truth behind the barcode tattoo.

Rate- 3 it's a good book because it has different emotions. Like fear, love, hate, and most of all suspense. It's a good book as long as you read the second book after. What I didn't like is that sometimes I couldn't comprehend what was going on.

Title- Barcode Tattoo #2

Author- Suzanne Weyn

Genre- fiction/action/mystery

Topic- Kayla is still on the run with a resistance group and finds more people but will she be able to hide this long and keep her feelings for Mfumbe?

Rate- 3 it's a good book and things catch you off guard. I don't like the way the book ended.

Reading reflection-

I like non-fiction drama/suspense/mystery books. I don't know why I like them I just do, they fascinate me. I don't really like fiction books to well. I don't like them because I like to read about things that have actually happened to people in real life. I visualize a lot while I am reading. Visualizing helps me better to understand my book. Last year I read books that involved nature and being outside. I like books that involve conflict in the story.

When I was reading the book A Child Calles it, I asked myself question about why the mom abused the kid. While I read I also predict a lot. I feel that I have a tough time comprehending my books. I sometimes have to go back and reread parts of the book that I did not understand. This year I have found that it is easier for me to read books with bold print.

My favorite book this school year has been A Child Calles It. While I read I make connections. The main connections that I do is text to world. One connection I made about reading this book is when the mother was being mean to her son, that actually happens to people in real life and there is no one there to help. I usually understand the author's purpose while reading books.

I have learned that it is a lot easier for me to read when I am in an area where I have no distraction and it's quite. It's easier for me to comprehend things when I read aloud. If the books starts to get boring I loose interest in it. There always has to be some kind of action going on.

My essay

I want to tell you my opinion on reading instead of television time or gaming. We need students to read this summer. I think that we could find a way to make children want to read. We need to read. It will benefit us in the future.I used to be a slow reader when I was younger. I used to, read 50 pages in about two weeks. Now, I can read about 200 pages in two weeks. When I read, it helps me more than going on social media. Ever since I began using social media, I became a slower learner. This summer, I'm going to try to lay down my phone and grab a book or go outside. The students don't need to read novels they can just grab a magazine or a newspaper and read what's going on with our world today.Gaming doesn't help anyone. A game doesn't teach us history or language arts. A game doesn't help you understand how to do your homework. Wouldn't you rather be a good student and get good grades? Instead of sitting down and do nothing but stare at a screen all day. I'm not saying they can't play games once in a while. We just need a way to make reading sound fun. We could make a program for students and show them that reading can be fun. As long as we use our imagination, we can go anywhere when we read a book. I just want what's best for all of us. We can do anything as long as we try so try to encourage the teachers to get their students to read. What I'm saying in this is that more students to home to play games. Even though, they should go home and read a good book.