Can YOU Get To The Golden Dictionary First?

How To Play

Now we know book worms are slow but are your vocabulary skills fast? Then hurry to the Golden Dictionary before the others snake in front of you! Wiggle your way through the apple and you will be proclaimed the pupil of vocabulary!

To reach victory, you will have to answer the vocabulary questions correctly and stay in front of the bunch to obtain the Golden Dictionary. Though, don't answer wrong or you could be slithering back to start! Just follow the path, be first to make it to the Golden Dictionary, and you will win the game!

You will need: Dice, pawns, cards, (so far all are provided for you) and friends!

Start by opening the game board and put the note cards on the selected area. Second, gather up to five players and each select a game piece. Whoever is the youngest rolls the dice first. If you roll an even number, then draw from the green pile. When an odd number is rolled, draw from the pink pile. Next, the person to the right of the first player will read them their question. You can determine the correct answer by the choice that has a dot next to it. If answered correct, advance how many spaces is rolled; if answered wrong move back two spaces. (If you are at the start and answer a question wrong remain at start.) Afterwards, the person to the left of the first player will roll the dice and repeat the process!

Are you caught up on your vocabulary skills? Whoever is able to reach the Golden Dictionary first wins!