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January 20, 2023

Greetings from Pastor John

Hi Church

Thanks for such a great weekend last week. We had a great service and then enjoyed lunch together. Thanks for supporting the teens to go to Berea this year.

This Sunday we are continuing our series on the Church. Tom Jenkins, one of our elders, will be preaching on the idea of hope. The church is called to lead the way in hope. He will be in Colossians 1 for the message.

Looking forward to being together this Sunday!


There will be no Sermon Notes this week.

Prayer and Praise

Jan 18-25, 2023

Pray healing for our office manager, Amy Pelletier, as she recovers from a fall this week. Pray healing also for Sue Wanamaker’s recovery from breaking 5 bones in her foot in November.

Pray for the preparations for our annual meeting on February 12.

Praise the Lord for our youth who served lunch last Sunday for donation for their winter camp at Berea.

Praise the Lord for a new van for the ministry in Romania. Pray for Dawn Mattera as she prepares to return there on Feb 7.

Pray for our college students as they return to their campuses for their second semester. Praise the Lord for their time home with family and friends.

Pray for a peaceful resolution for the conflict in Ukraine this year.

Pray for our upcoming events including Town Hall Meeting, Next Step classes, Annual meeting, and Berea Winter Camp for our youth.

Pray for Pastor, John Eger as he continues to preach through our church values this month.

Pray for those who are considering serving on the short-term mission to Guinea this fall.
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Family Discussion Starters:

•Why did David say that his sin was against God?

•What did David say is the sacrifice God really wants?

•Who can change our hearts so that we no longer want to sin?

• HEAD: At what points do you struggle to believe in salvation by grace alone? How does the gospel of Jesus Christ answer those struggles?

• HEART: How has God revealed His love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness to you this week?

• HANDS: What are some opportunities in which will you show God’s grace in the name of Christ today?

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