My Holocaust Child

By: Sequoia Cradic

Jacqueline Morganstern

Jacqueline Morganstern was from Czernowitz Rumania. She was a eight year old schoolgirl. Jacqueline's father and uncle owned a barber shop in the center of the city. Her parents and her where sent to death camps. Soon or later her mom bacame ill and began to give her daughter all of her food. Jacqueline's mother was sent to a gas chamber to be killed because she was ill. Jacqueline was sent to a special camps were girls wer sent to if they didnt have a mom. Jacqueline was around a lot of girls that only spoke polish but, she found a girl that spoke french so they baecame really close friends. The people were experimenting on jacqueline and her friends. So when Jacqueline was thirteen years old her and her friends were hung one by one.

The Gas Chamber

And this is one of the gas chambers that the people got burned in.

Jacqueline Morganstern

This picture shows Jacqueline Morganstern getting hung