Black Holes

A Physics Poster Made By Kendra Noel

Birth Of A Black Hole

When a star dies it creates a supernova, sudden increase in brightness because of a catastrophic explosion that ejects most of its mass. When a big star dies it creates a hypernova, an explosion with energy substantially higher than a supernova. Starting in the middle the star condenses when it dies and compacts to get to where it gets crushed under its own gravity then going into a hypernova explosion(starting at the center of a star and eating itself out), leaving behind a compact black hole.

Why Our Galaxy Doesn't Eat Itself

Our black hole in the center of out galaxy doesn't eat our galaxy because of the way the back hole eats. It eats up everything in its way but it eats so fast that it gags itself and becomes too full to the point where it begins to spit some of the particles and stars out. Then the stars and planets begin to orbit the black until so many are orbiting the black hole that it becomes a galaxy .

Messy Eaters

Black holes are such messy eaters, some material won't reach the event horizon but instead is caught up in powerful magnetic fields existing around the black hole. These magnetic fields not only shoot some material away on the outside of the black hole. the have been able to set ripples throughout the entire cluster medium. These ripples are the sound waves.