The Wayne Weekly

Week of March 21st

Weekly Reminders

Strategic Planning Outcomes- All notes from the sessions as well as our new vision, mission, core beliefs and strategies are included in the folder. Review at your leisure.

Underclassman Award Night is May 25th - Some people have already found the citizenship award form in the faculty folder. The form is live as well as the spreadsheet so you can also take a look at who has already been nominated. That doesn't permit you from nominating a student more than once, but provides more transparency for those looking to know who already will be receiving an award.

Music Trip- Next month, students from band and chorus will be traveling to Florida and leaving the morning of April 20th and will return to classes on on Monday, April 25th. Please watch for a list of students from Beth or Kathy.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.