Mary Whiton Calkins

Birth and Death

Mary Whiton Calkins was born on March 30th in 1863 in the city of Hartford CT. Her lifespan consisted of around 67 years as she passed on February 26th, 1930 due to the fact that she was diagnosed with cancer.
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Brief Backround

Mary Whiton Calkins grew up as the eldest of five children. Her family was very close as each one of them were growing up. Mary's teaching career started in 1887 as she began teaching Greek at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. In 1890, she began attending lectures at Harvard under William James who published a book called The Principles of Psychology which started her path to success.

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Contribution to Psychology

Mary Whiton Calkins was the first women to achieve and complete the requirements for her Ph.D. That helped her along the way as she was elected president for the APA in 1905 which was a big accomplishment. She also ended up publishing four books on psychology that people still use today which makes her a memorable psychologist.