The Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci

By Liz James

Da Vinci Inventions Examples

Da Vinci was possibly the most smartest man who have ever lived on Earth. He created multiple inventions that would have changed the course of history if they were made. But sadly, not all of them were.

One of the inventions being Leonardo's own Armored Tank. It work by eight men moving the contraption, while 36 guns are shooting out of the sides.

Da Vinci's Inventions Examples Continued

Another war device Da Vinci created was the machine gun. Yes, that's right, the machine gun! Although it's very different from the machine guns we use today, Leonardo's would have caused devastating blows on the enemies. It worked as rotating a triangular device that had 11 muskets, that allowed the shooters to spin the loaded ones to the top and fire as they load the others.