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Magnet School Updates

Magnet Review Updates

School has begun and we are ready to begin implementing our magnet review recommendations. Our first recommendation was to create a task force or steering committee with various stakeholders to discuss the purpose, goals, and types of magnet programs that will continue to serve students in our district. The goals of the task force are to develop a five year strategic plan, monitor the implementation, and serve in an advisory capacity. Our first meeting was September 18. We included stakeholders from various departments across the district to ensure that all voices are represented as we implement some of the MSA recommendations. Two of our initial tasks were to create a mission statement to drive the work of this committee and divide up the responsibilities of the review. Stay tuned for further updates regarding the work of this steering committee.

Magnet Pilot Schools

Congratulations to Cane Run Elementary, Newburg Middle, Olmstead South Academy and Seneca High School for participation in the Magnet Schools of America Pilot Program for Schools of Excellence. These schools will be working through the process for becoming certified as National Magnet Schools of Excellence.

Showcase Updates

Thanks for your support as we get ready to prepare for our annual Showcase of Schools at the Kentucky International Convention Center. If you have not submitted your Showcase paperwork to the Optional/Magnet Office, please click the link above titled Showcase of Schools to print off your packet and return the information asap.