Secondary ELAR Updates

Keeping You Informed

Edition IV

Semester Exam Information

Semester Exams will be posted December 8 so you can print and copy at your campus.

Keys are scheduled to appear on your SchoolNet landing page no later than December 15.

District-created Semester Examswill be posted for the following ELA courses:

  • On-Level ELA 6-8 and English I-IV
  • Honors ELA 6-8
  • PreAP English I and II

More information can be found in our Special Edition Smore:

January 5th All-District PD

High School @ South Garland 8:00-11:00 am Middle School @ Coyle 1:00-4:00 pm

ELA 7, English I, English II: Make sure your essays are written before Dec. 19

Essay Scoring & Calibration @ Jan, 5 DPD--Expository

Monday, Jan. 5th 2015 at 12am

South Garland HS & Coyle MS

If you want to participate in this calibration and essay scoring time, students must write final drafts of essays before Winter Break, so you can BRING STUDENT ESSAYS to DPD.

Rubrics will be provided @ DPD by the C&I Dept.

Looking for More Essay Prompts?

In the coming weeks

More essay prompts will be posted in the online curriculum planner for:

  • ELA 6, 7, 8 (on-level and honors)
  • English I, II (on-level and PreAP)
  • English III, IV (on-level)

PERSUASIVE Essay Calibration

Monday, Jan. 12th 2015 at 12am to Friday, March 20th 2015 at 12am

Your Campus

Would you like to hold an on-site PERSUASIVE Essay Calibration in the spring semester?

Sign up here:

Important Technology News!

English III and English IV Educators

Beginning in the 4th Grading Cycle, English III and English IV Unit Assessments will consist solely of a Literary or Informational Analysis Essay prompt.

The UA analysis prompt will be posted in the online curriculum planner for your early review as is standard this school year. You will have the entire unit to assign and score each essay prompt.

Students will have to submit finalized UA Analysis Essays using Therefore, you must have classes and students set up within this program.

On January 5 (@ DPD), you will receive more training regarding using and assigning UA Analysis Essays.

Do you EDMODO?

Edmodo has recently released Snapshot, a way to "Master TEKS with smart quizzes and instant analytics." The test/quiz questions are direclty linked to our ELAR TEKS!
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SpringBoard video clips have been updated in Safari (for those sections that required new and updated clips).

Where are the UA/SA Dates?


Don't Forget:

You will find post-by dates for all UAs/SAs and keys, as well as scan-by dates at the RAAD intranet site.

Intranet > RAAD (right side of the page) > Local Assessments (in the left margin)