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March 2020

Welcome to March 2020

Springtime is just around the corner. In our area of the Northwest, our proximity to Mount Rainier means that we have direct access to some of the most beautiful forests, bogs, mountains, and lakes in the world. This last month, mother nature wanted us to have a direct reminder of her power and impact. We had several days of torrential downpours and flooding. In the aftermath, SR 706 had two massive landslides - trapping several of our students, multiple families, and one staff member.

In February, I spoke with our students. I anticipated that they would have stories of mud, terror, and isolation. The reality was something quite different. When asked, the students were eager, earnest, and excited to share.

They assured me that most of the time (10 days), they had power and heat. They talked to school friends by text and they had the internet. Several said they were terrified that evening when the landslides occured, that it was freaky. But to my surprise the bulk of comments were as follows:

  • "I learned not to box with Mother Nature."
  • "We loved spending time with our family."
  • "Our parents couldn't go to work."
  • "It was so interesting because we kept ourselves busy."

Mackenzie stated that, "The landslide was scary, but also fun. We spent so much time with my family. I haven't had that in forever."

"Truth be told," stated Jaeden, "it was amazing. It was fun when the power was off."

All students said it was quiet, and peaceful - which was different.

Thank you Chance & Ivy Howell, Makenzie & Jaeden Ball, Frank & Hans Amon, Saralynn Hehemann, and Mr. Hehemann for reminding me that in the midst of adult busy lives, the most important things to children are those things that don't cost anything.

The importance of being present, love, and spending quality time with our children. Laughs, games, reading, books and telling stories - that is really what our children need from us.

In our very busy lives, I take the words from these children very seriously. Can we give ourselves permission to be present? Must it take a landslide for us to hear from our children about what is important?

One last question cemented my thinking - the kids agreed that, "The community is really tight - we met neighbors we had never had met before. Our families met each other for the first time."

In this March of 2020, let us celebrate spring by meeting our neighbors (preferably the sun will be shining), taking time to enjoy our surroundings, go for walks, and spend as much time with those who love you as you can.

March on with happiness.


Supt. Bahr

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Upcoming Events and Calendar Items

Upcoming News and Events

  • March 2 - CC school-wide read in at 1:30 p.m.
  • March 3 - WES Art and Literacy Walk at 6:30 p.m.
  • March 4 - Late Start Wednesday
  • March 8 - Daylight Saving time begins
  • March 11 - Late Start Wednesday
  • March 13 - FULL DAY OF SCHOOL (make-up for January 14th snow day)
  • March 14 - Pie Day (3.1415........) Will you be making your favorite pie?
  • March 18 - Late Start Wednesday
  • March 19 - McTee Music Festival at EHS at 7:00 p.m. (all schools)
  • March 24 - CC Career Fair at 12:30 p.m.
  • March 25 - Late Start Wednesday
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Presenters for the article in the magazine - Washington Garden and Design

McTee Music Festival on March 19

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Day on the Hill with Public Schools

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EHS Perfect Attendance

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EMS Outdoor Club Hike

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New Board Member Marshall Tour Around the District

EES with Board Chairman Lucas and Board Director Marshall

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Day on the Hill for Public Schools

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