Chromebook Challenge

Innovation Boot Camp @ Friday Institute - June 15th 2016

"Polishing the Chrome on the Magic School Bus"

"The class" will go on an adventure to discover the world of Chrome. Buckle up and hold tight as we explore multiple web tools that will help students and teachers modify and redefine the learning process. At the end of our journey, "the class" will have earned badges for accomplishing different tasks such as installing and using multiple chrome extensions, using add-ons like Flubaroo, and expanding their PLN through Twitter.


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Challenge # 1: Twitter

Click on the THINGLINK Twitter Image below for directions

{Never heard of Thinglink? This online tool turns a picture into an interactive image!}

****************Thinglink Giveaway!****************


Challenge # 2: Google Forms

Challenge # 3: Flubaroo

*******Smore drawing for a FREE 6 month subscription!*******

{Draw Names from a Hat App}


Challenge # 4: Chrome Extensions


Challenge # 5: Kahoot

****{The winner of the KAHOOT game will win a PRIZE!}****

Let's Review using Kahoot!

Click on the button and wait for the "GAME PIN #". When it prompts you for your "NICKNAME", put in your FIRST NAME and LAST NAME INITIAL (Ex. Savannah R.)


The "Original" Chromebook Challenge

Click on the Chromebook Challenge Smore page to view our online Professional Development opportunities. This "flipped" approach is an easy way to organize assignments and activities for students, teachers and administrators. Not familiar with SMORE?


If you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or Twitter!



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