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Weekly News You Can Use: 9/23/22

We Are Peace

WOW is all that I can say! Our International Day of Peace Event was an absolute success. Our students really shined as they marched and respectfully protested for peace. Watching our school community come together was such a beautiful sight and experience that is truly beyond words.

We truly appreciated the volunteers who came to assist in a plethora of ways. However you were present in person or in thought, it was truly a beautiful experience.

Watching our students make their rocks for Devin or for Peace was truly special. The students' beautiful signs also represented such a beautiful layer of thought, creativity, and care that brought smiles and tears.

We look forward to many more opportunities to gather as a school community this school year in the name of peace as we continue to inspire curiosity in our Willard Owls!

Thank you all for Being the Change that we want to see in our school community!

Ms. McCoy

Coffee Chat

Principal- Parent Coffee Chats:

When parents, caregivers, and school leaders meet monthly as thought partners to learn from each other and exchange ideas about student learning and school improvement.

This past week we hosted 2 coffee-chat opportunities, where we had beautiful discussions on:

  • Think of something that you are grieving as it relates to schools, community, & family.
  • Think of something that you are hope for as it relates to schools, community, & family.

  • When you look at our school Peace Pillars how do you envision these in action with our adult community at Willard?

The thoughts, experiences, and discussions that we had were both impactful & insightful.

Thank you to those who were able to join us.

We will host our next Coffee Chat round in October.

We look forward to connecting with anyone who is able to join us.


We absolutely love that many families stay after school and enjoy the playground. However, we are seeing a lot of unsafe behaviors during this time. Please remind students of our playground expectations:

  • No climbing on the fences
  • No climbing on the top of the slides.
  • Get on the slide 1 person at a time.
  • Please do not thrown the swings over the bars.

We want to ensure that all students are able to have fun & remain safe.

D65's BIG 5

This year we are committed to our BIG 5 & we ask that you will join us.

In everything that we do we are committed to:

  1. Courtesy
  2. Respect
  3. Dignity
  4. Professionalism
  5. Humanity

Please partner with us as we live out the BIG 5 in our daily walk, talk, & communal interactions.

New School Nurse

Help us to welcome Ms. Heather Hall, R.N. to Willard Elementary! Nurse Hall joined our team this past Tuesday, and is a welcome addition to the Willard team.

If you need to contact her please email or call her at:

Email: hallh@district65.net

Phone: (847) 905-3602

Welcome To Willard

Check out our Welcome to Willard Packet with everything that you would like to know about Willard Elementary School.

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Upcoming Events

Hispanic Heritage Month

  • September 15th - October 15th

No School: Monday, September 26th

  • Rosh Hashanah

Fire Prevention Presentations:

  • Evanston Fire Department will provide Fire Prevention Presentations

Hispanic Heritage Celebration

  • Friday, September 30th
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