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Max Cassidy: Escape from Shadow Island

The Life of Max Cassidy

You're going to get a glimpse into the life of Max Cassidy, while he travels from his comforting, big home in London England, to the heated, suspicious resort Playa d'Oro in Santa Dominiga while investigating his father's mysterious "murder", which he now thinks might not be a murder after all.


Every story has a mood, and the mood in this story is mysterious. As the book goes on, the things happening make you sit on the edge of my seat and want to read more and more. The mood is very mysterious because all of the things that Max comes across somehow seem to go awry and at the time they happen he never goes why. An example is when Louis Lopez Vega gets shot right before Max could have a chance to talk to him.

Key Places

Key places in this story are London England, where Max Cassidy grew up with his loving mother and father, Santa Dominigo, where his father was "murdered", and Shadow Island, a mysterious island privately owned by a businessman that Max travels to in search of his father.

Paul Adam

Paul Adam is the writer who wrote Max Cassidy: Escape From Shadow Island. He also wrote 12 other critically acclaimed pieces of literature.

How Setting Affects Character and Plot

The setting in this story has a big impact on key elements of the characters and plot. Of course Max doesn't want to stay long in the place where his father was murdered, the Playa d'Oro, so he tries to quickly solve his fathers "murder" so he can go back to his comforting home in England. Also, during the murder, there are many things that Max believes proves his moms innocence, including many key features of the setting. A couple are how the current during the time of the murder was very strong and how long the beach was, so his mom wasn't strong enough to murder his father and carry his body shore and back out to sea. The setting also has an impact on the plot. The fortress owned by Julius Clark in the story is so heavily gaurded it causes major conflict for Max because he has trouble escaping it. Also Max gets confused and lost in the winding roads of Santa Domnigo in the story, which causes him to be caught by police.
Pier to Nowhere (dark, eerie ambient music) - Charlie Spring

When It Takes Place

For the majority of this book, there is no hard evidence of when it takes place, but clues lead you to believe that it takes place in present day. Some of these clues are how they talk about the 1900s like it occured in the past and there is nothing that hasn't already happened mentioned in the story. At last, in the last ten pages of the book, Max finds his father's case file from two years ago, and it is dated June 7, 2007. This proves that the book took place in the summer during 2009.