Calvin Johnson JR

Calvins Cleats Are Cool

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Calvin Johnson is one of the best wide recever ever.He even broke a record.Read more to find out.

Wanna learn about Calvin Johnson's childhood

Calvin Johnson was born September 29th 1985.He was 1 of 4 kids.He got into baseball early he also got into football early too.He went to Sandy Beach High school.

Wanna know how Calvin Johnson got into his sport

Calvin Johnson was A tall,fast,strong WR from Georgia Institute of Technology.He got scouted by Lions in 2007.Calvin Johnson

got 4.35 in the 50 yard dash witch is really fast!

Here`s some team facts about Calvin johnson

He got the nickname MEGATRON from a teammate that reminded him a transformer character.He got drafted by the Lions in 2007.they went o-16 in 2008. Calvin Johnson went to his first Probowl in 2010.

Wanna know some accomplishments.

He got the biletnik award in collage.Hes a three time all-pro.Calvin Johnson got most receiving yard in a game witch is still the record to this day he broke the record by 100 yards.
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Here`s Calvin Johnson extra facts

He`s 6 foot 5. weighs 236 pounds.Also 107 Kilograms.Calvin Johnson is #81.
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Calvin Johnson - "The Catch"
Calvin Johnson rises up over Brent Grimes for a 49-yard touchdown catch (Week 10, 2014)