The Transatlantic Cable

Cyrus West Field, The Inventor

The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution is a time in the 1800's and was when the British came up with technology to make work easier and have phones, cars, and other cool things. For example, the Industrial Revolution had a Transatlantic Cable, Cotton Gin, Pony Express, and cars and more. Sadly though, it caused pollution. And at factories people were getting seriously injured because of these inventions.

Transatlantic Cable

In 1858, the first Transatlantic Cable was made. It traveled 2000 miles across the Atlantic ocean. It was the first telegraph cable to go across the Atlantic ocean. It was laid between Britain an France. The same year, construction made it a telegraph line. It was also used for telegraphic connection and for phones. It was an amazing invention.
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About Cyrus West Field.

Cyrus West Field made the transatlantic cable. Field was born in 1819. When he was 15 he worked for A. T. Stewart & Co. When he was old enough, he became interested with telegraphs. He wanted to connect Britain and France with a telegraph line crossing the Atlantic ocean. He needed to have a lot of ships and a lot of experience to finnally become successful.