Influences Of food Choices

By Chelsea Garcia

Physical Needs

Usually like any other kid my age, when ever I get hungry I will eat anything I can find around the house just to sustain my hunger. Usually i will try to go for a more healthier alternative, but occasionally i do eat other foods.

Psychological Needs

When ever i'm in a type of mood like i'm angry or just feeling down for some sort of reason i usually go for what any girl would most definitely go for.....candy, well more specifically chocolate. Honestly i have never heard of a girl go home after a rough day go home and eat a salad.

Personal Food Preference

My food preferences are usually fruit are something that is sorta healthy, but occasionally like anyone on this planet especially someone my age will eat junk food from time to time.

Food Availability

Most of the time i will try to balance my meals so I never eat to much or too little, but like I said before I usually like to go for a more healthier option

Social Settings

Honestly I'm not really fond of breakfast, but now since I have athletics I realized how important it is to eat in the morning, along with lunch as well.

Society And Cultures

Since I am religious I do fast for 40 days, and celebrate many holidays including Christmas and Thanksgiving, but when it really when it comes down to family traditions we really don't have any.