Digital Citzenship

by Caleb Jacosben

Digital Citizenship Definiton

Digital Citizenship is how other people perceive another person online. An example of bad digital citizenship is when someone who could hire you for a job finds pictures of you drinking online they will probably give the job to someone else

First Digital Citizenship Topic: Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security 1

Privacy and Security on the internet is defined as how you keep sensitive information safe and secure. This is a large part of digital citizenship because if your information is not safe someone can steal this and use it to tarnish your Digital Citizenship Image

Privacy and Security 2

If your information is not safe the person who steals it can do anything with it like stealing money and using your name so if they get caught they can blame you. In 2014 there were 13.1 million Identity Theft Victims.

Second Digital Citizenship Topic: Self Image and Identity

Self Image and Identity 1

When someone looks up your name, what do you want them to see. This is basically Self Image and Identity. If you have a good self image this will help you get jobs and keep them.

Self Image and Identity 2

An example of good Self Image would be pictures of you getting awards at school. An example of bad Self Image would be a picture of you drinking at a party. Just remember the rule if your grandma wouldn't approve you probably shouldn't put it online

Why is a Positive Digital Citizenship Important

Having a Positive Digital Image is important because now days, almost everything is done online. An example is when a employer is looking if he wants to hire you and he sees you were fired from your last job he may not hire you.
What is Digital Citizenship?