By: Hannah, Harrison, Jacob

TEK 6.10B; Classifing Rocks

A student is expected to classify rocks

as a Metamorphic, Igneous, or

sedimentary by the process of their


How rocks are classified?

Rocks are classified by their

streak, luster, harsness, color,

and density.

Can one type of rock change into another kind of rock?

Yes, the rock cycle shows that there

are many different ways that rocks

can become other types of rocks.

Classifying Sedemintary rocks

When a student is making a model of

the primary way that sediment and

organic material form from sedimentary

rocks, they should include the process

of cementation.

Classifying Igneous rocks

Scientists can tell when Igneous rocks

form slowly because igneous rocks with

a coarse crystal size will be cooled slower

than rocks with a fine grain size.

Classifying Metamorphic rocks

metamorphic rocks are classified on the

basis of texture (grain size, shape,

orientation) and mineral composition.

How does a metamorphic rock turn into an ignious rock?

Metamorphic rocks turn into igneous

rocks when a metamorphic rock melts

into magma and then cools into a

igneous rock.

Which letters on the diagram represent the formation of igneous rock?

Letters; A, C, and D