ARABIC 2 Newsletter Lesson 11

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Lesoon 11 is the last lesson of our course.

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Some students are still missing assignments. Please call me, text me, email me if I can help you in any way. Assignments from the introductory module and lesson 1 to lesson 10 will be included in this next report (tomorrow Tuesday). So make sure you submit ALL MISSED ASSIGNMENTS ASAP This will allow me some time to grade your last minute make up work (which I love to grade). Yallah, let’s improve your grade… Not too late!!!

الوظيفة المثالية - Lesson 11

Job interviewing is a very important step in getting either a part-time job or a full-time job. In this lesson, you are going to learn some key words and useful expressions used during a job interview to help you navigate the workplace.

أهداف التعلم

  • Students will be able to provide information and communicate about events in the immediate environment related to a job. interview to help navigate the workplace when looking for a job.
  • Gain greater understanding of how to conjugate the past tense verbs in Arabic.

What's Due this week?

  • Please go through your grades to make sure you have submitted all missing work for lessons 6-10.

    • Assignment: Job Profile Discussion on
    • Assignment: Personal Profile Audio Recording
    • Assignment: Who to hire for a job role play
    • Assignment: Language Coaching

Culture corner - الثقافة

Managing the Work Environment in an Arabic-Speaking Country

What if you wanted to work in one of the Arabic-speaking countries one day? One of the first things to keep in mind is that the office becomes an essential part of your life because business relationships usually develop to become a social relationship after a while including chatting about family, hobbies, and political views. This is rather different from the nature of business relationships in America and most of the European countries where they usually remain more professional.

Unless you are in a profession that doesn’t require you to work with people face-to-face, you need to know how to address co-workers to be culturally respectful in order to strengthen the business relationship. You can address people you work with in a number of ways based on rank, age, or gender. It is acceptable to address co-workers as (brother- أخ ) or (sister- أخت) even though they may not be related to you. Here’s a list of titles to help you interact cordially with your co-workers.

  • Use 'sir’ (سيد) to address a male director or a male with a higher rank than you.
  • Use ‘madam’ (مدام) to address a female director or a female with a higher rank than you.
  • Use ‘friend’ (صديق) to address a male colleague
  • Use ‘friend’ (صديقة) to address a female colleague


If you absolutely have to miss a language coaching session, please send a message to your coach ahead of time, so they won't be waiting for you! THEN:


  • Check out the "Coaching Schedule" tab and see when your coach offers another session. if there is a time/day that works for you, perhaps with another coach.
  • Let that coach know that you're making up a session.
  • In order to be counted present, please let your main coach know what coach and what time you attended via e-mail inside Canvas (please copy me).

OR METHOD 2:*** (You are allowed this method TWICE a semester for emergency)

  • Listen to your coach's archived session that you missed by following this path.
  • If (for some reasons) your coach was unable to record anything or you can't find the session, you may listen to recording of another coach on the same date
  • Listen to the whole archive.
  • Then, E-MAIL your coach (copy me) with the date and time of the archived session and a brief summery of the content of the session
  • Your coach will go back to the attendance sheet to change the status and I will give you credit for having attended a coaching session once I see you have accessed & listened to the archive.

**Method 2: You will not receive full credit for using method 2. You will have points taken off due to the fact that you are not participating during that session. All you are doing is listening, and not participating therefore points will be deducted. You will receive points instead of getting a 0% The highest grade you can get using method 2 is 80%**


All the students who Submitted all assignments so far. Great job!!