Over the Hump

by: Father Charlie

October 16, 2019


I don’t know if any of our readers have heard of Kairos. It is a ministry across the country to men and women in the penitentiary. I mention this, because I have been involved with that ministry since the early 80’s. I have seen the results of this transform men and women whom society has locked up and may have thrown away the key.

It brings to mind a story by the late Charles Colson of Watergate fame, who surrendered his life to Jesus Christ in the middle of the storm in Washington. He began what is called ‘Prison Fellowship’ In and around his time in prison and became a major voice for those in prison. He tells of a trip to Peru and to a prison completely run by the prisoners. When one enters that prison he his assigned a mentor, begins classes in any number of subjects that will impact his life in prison and those which will serve him well when he is released. There is only one overseer of the institution and the prisoners do all the rest. It is an honor system that works. Along with classes are bible studies, classes on Christian Spirituality (including 12-step for those who need it.

Colsons’ guide was a convicted murderer who was in for life. He showed him all that was going on in the prison. You can imagine Colson’s amazement at what he was experiencing. Later in the tour, the guide asked him if he would like to visit the ‘hole’ --- Solitary Confinement. He agreed and down into the depths they traveled until they came to a large door. The guide asked again, “Are you sure you want to go in?” “Yes”. The door opened and there in the middle of the room was a large cross with Jesus on it. The inscription underneath read.




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