Choice Scholarship 2021-2022

Program Overview

The Choice Scholarship program is a tuition voucher program in the state of Indiana. Students who meet the eligibility requirements are able to receive funding for their education at Saint Susanna. Eligible students must be at least five years old by August 1st, live in Indiana, meet household income requirements, AND have a student pathway to participation.

The amount of the scholarship is equal to 90 percent of what it costs to educate a student in the public district. Upon approval of a student application, the tuition funds are paid directly to Saint Susanna.

Does my family's income meet Choice requirements?

Recent legislation increased the limits for maximum household income to 300 percent of the free and reduced lunch limit. The expected income limits are below. If your family has an income below the published amount for its size, then your student(s) meet the income requirement. The preferred method of documenting household income is the most recent year's tax returns for all household members over 18.

Please note that household income thresholds will be finalized by IDOE by July 1st. This represents a reasonable estimate of the expected figures.

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Does my student have a pathway to participate in Choice?

Income-eligible students must also have a pathway to participation. The pathways are below:

  • Previous SGO or Choice Scholarship Recipient: a student who has received a Choice scholarship or an SGO tax credit scholarship in any previous year is eligible for participation this year.
  • Special Education: Students with an Individual Service Plan automatically meet the pathway requirement.
  • Sibling: a student who has a sibling that has ever participated in the Choice or SGO tax credit scholarship program is eligible.
  • Two Semesters in a Public School: this pathway enables students to move into a private school on a Choice scholarship as long as the most recent two semesters were in a public school in Indiana.

These are the most commonly used pathways at Saint Susanna. Additional pathways can be found here.

Students who meet the income-eligibility requirement but do not have a pathway are eligible to receive an SGO tax credit scholarship this year. They will be eligible for a Choice scholarship the following year. The income limits for an SGO tax credit scholarship are the same as the Choice program.

How much can I expect in scholarship funds?

The amount of each Choice Scholarship is dependent upon the school district in which the student lives. The scholarship is equal to 90 percent of what it costs to educate a student in the home district, not what it costs to educate at Saint Susanna. As a result, a scholarship may not cover a full 90 percent of a student's tuition and fees or it may cover 100 percent.

Anticipated scholarship amounts for each school district are below.

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How do we apply for a Choice Scholarship?

Applications for a Choice scholarship are done through Saint Susanna.

Income documentation is required in the form of the most recently filed tax return. Depending on the family situation, additional documentation may be required such as custody agreements, divorce decrees, etc.

Families who receive government assistance may be in the direct certification database in which case income documentation is not needed. Mrs. Abdoulaye can check this status for you and advise you of any additional documentation that may be needed.

Families interested in pursuing a Choice or SGO tax credit scholarship should contact Mrs. Abdoulaye to start the application process.

The deadline for Choice Applications is September 1st. Please submit all requested paperwork no later than August 15th in order to ensure enough time for processing.

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