The Anthem Of My Life

Olivia Chu

“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others”

I found this quote and it inspired me because to me it is saying that if you do nice things for others and are kind to others you will be happier than someone who did not. I think it is important to do nice things for others because it gives you a good feeling inside and you just made someone else's day better by doing something as little as smiling at them. To me doing something nice for someone means you made a difference in their life or even their day. Examples of this is donating to make a wish foundation, Saint Jude's Children's Hospital, feeding homeless and helping the less fortunate etc.

How does this apply to my life?

My family and I always try to do nice things for others. My mom and all moms out there are great examples, they always put their families before themselves and do so much for their kids. They make dinner, do the laundry and always put us first, with barely any time for themselves. They also forgive us when we make mistakes and support us in everything we do.

What have my family and I done to help others?

For starters, one of the reasons I joined Beta club was for the community service and the volunteering. I have also done service for my church like making and serving a home cooked meal to a men's home. My family and I also donate, especially around the holidays, like during the food drive and giving gifts to kids in homes Finally, something we do throughout our family is when we go to a fast food place we pay for the car behind us.

How has it changed my life?

Helping other has affected my life because I believe it makes me a better person and makes me happier knowing I made someone else's day. Overall, it makes me a happier person and having made someone else happy also makes me more carefree. And I wouldn't trade that feeling for anything.

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