Helmet Use

Looking for the ideal helmet

Tips on Buying a helmet

The head is a body part that is heavy and bulky, so it is relatively easy for us to give to her on the asphalt. Is likely to strike the ground and does so with some force.

A helmet is designed to absorb most of the impact energy. However, if the speed is too great, the helmet is not able to assimilate all and the consequences are more serious. This is the reason that the faster we go, the more danger we have, is that the helmet can save your life, but not miracles.

Before buying a helmet , make sure that :
a) It is approved , you can check on the label where characters must appear E9

b ) Its size fits your head perfectly and snugly , pressing lightly the outline of the head

c ) If you wear glasses , make sure the interior design for easy operation. Use helmets before Jet style helmets as expose the head and face biker

Why is it better a full face helmet ?

a) They prevent erosion facial injuries and / or abrasion against any surface

b ) They protect facial trauma and reduce the possibility that a head injury is fatal.

c ) Reduce impactosde environmental microparticles ( dust, small stones , etc. . ) against the eyes , damaging the cornea , and eventually compromise our vision.

You must take into account the technical characteristics of the hull, the most important are :

a) A greater number of ventilation derejillas a helmet improve interior comfort and reduces the possibility of the effect of fog on the visor

b ) striking decolores helmets make it easier for other drivers to see bikers more easily. Avoid colors blue, black or gray .

c) carrying a sheet visors fog ensure good vision in all circumstances .

We recommend you try the helmet
before you buy , so you can check some important issues like isolates with excess noise and allows a correct visibility.

Wearing or not wearing a helmet (or not the correct one )sometimes can be the difference between life and death. for your safety, always wear a helmet!

Do not Break you head, Use a helmet!