Creating the Ideal Being

by Sam Ngwu Jr

I chose to make the "perfect" Quarterback. My being is made up of current NFL Quarterbacks. I tried selecting the smartest, fastest, and just all around best QB in the league.


Cam Newton because he has a well-known face, almost everyone knows him. And black QB's look more intimidating.


Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers because I think they're the smartest QB's in the league currently.


Tom Brady and Peyton Manning because they both have voices people will listen to.


Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson because I think they have the most heart in the league. No matter the situation of the game, they still continue to try and put points on the scoreboard.


Colin Kaepernick and Matthew Stafford because they both take some big hits while being sacked and always end up getting up fine.


Ryan Tannehill because I think he has the body a QB should have.


Aaron Rodgers because he has the strongest arm in the league. He is able to throw the ball unbalanced and without his feet set.


Russell Wilson because I think he's the fastest QB in the league currently.