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August Survey for Transportation

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The Lawrence District is committed to supporting our families throughout these challenging times. We hope you have been able to participate in the child nutrition program of food distribution at the 195 Broadway campus. We always keep health and safety as our first priority and during this pandemic, it is even more important.

As we move into September we want to inform you of the NYSED Guidance on school busing. The State requires that all students and drivers wear masks on the bus. Masks must, and will, be available for any student who may need one.

The school year will start with busing for students in grades K- 12.

In looking at the number of children allowed on a bus the guidance does not require the six foot distancing. In order to provide for the safest bus ride, Lawrence buses will be routed as in previous years, but changes in bus stops will take place. This will enable the district to decrease the amount of time children will need to be on the bus.

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Will there be busing during these times?

Earlier this summer the District communicated regarding our bus contract. The process is well underway and we fully expect to be completed in time for each school’s opening.

We know that a nationwide shortage of professionals holding a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) exists. A CDL is required for bus drivers. This, combined with health concerns by drivers may continue to impact bus companies. The Hub bus stops that will shorten bus runs will help with this ongoing challenge.

Can a Family ‘opt out’ of busing?

In the event that your family situation allows for carpooling to school we have created an ‘opt out of busing form’ found below. We are using a similar form for our public school students. The form should be completed for each child. You can choose to opt out some, all, or none of your children. If you are not opting out, there is no need to complete the form.

If you select to opt out of busing you will be able to opt back in at any point with 14 day notice.

Our objective is to keep the children as safe as possible and plan as best we can during this fluid situation.

Our gratitude and appreciation to all Lawrence District 15 families is ever-present. This situation is ongoing, fluid, and ever changing . We will continue to evaluate, monitor and make changes that are as supportive as possible.

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