Game Design in Classroom

Let's help the teachers

What is it like having games in the classroom?

This newsletter is for teachers to get their thoughts rolling about using game designs in their classroom. It consists of websites that have many examples of how to bring the fun to learning.

Why should you incorporate games?

It's a known fact that kids love to play games. Why not do it with education? It helps students get the education that they need while having fun. Win-win situation!

What is this?

Globaloria is an online website that let's student create their own games, which fosters creativity and has them applying what they learn in class, as well as share online. Since it is an open forum, students will also have access to other games made by other students. Teachers can let students work on this as a semester long project, applying what they learned in class and creating a game where others can learn. At the end of the semester, they can present their game to the class and receive feedback.
The Tech Awards 2013 laureate: Globaloria: Invent. Build. Share.

Want to learn more about incorporating games into the cirriculum?

Quest to Learn is a program that is helping public schools begin integrating the use of games into the lesson plans. If you click below, the website gives teachers a chance to learn tools to help make learning fun. Teacherquest is a PD program that teachers anywhere can utilize and receive support and advice to better their class. The website also provides games to be used, created by other students and teachers, that teachers can use to help start merging the game system into the classroom. Check it out!
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