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Love from the center of who you are; don't fake it. Run for dear life from evil; hold on for dear life for good. Be good friends who love deeply; practice playing second fiddle. - Romans 12:9-10 (The Message)

William Penn set a lofty goal for his infant city when he combined the Greek words for "love" (phileo/philia) and "brother" (adelphos), a city that emerged with the enduring nickname: the City of Brotherly Love. Penn laid out streets, planned parks, drew up a charter, and launched Philadelphia into the heart of American history.

A lifelong Quaker, Penn named the city for one of the most important virtues of his - and our - faith. He christened this new city with a high calling. Now, more than 300 years after the founding of the city, we can look around us and legitimately ask "how did it turn out?"

That answer will, of course, differ depending on who you ask. In more recent times, "City of Brotherly Love" is often said with a sarcastic lilt, indicated their low confidence in the city's ability to behave itself at sporting events or on the streets.

Philadelphia has long battled to decide who counts as a "brother" and who does not. During the Revolution, when Philadelphia was the "Cradle of Liberty" and host to countless men fighting for freedom, the enlightened Founding Fathers chose to maintain the status quo of slavery. All men are created equal, except for those men.

We are the inheritors of that tense double-standard. We uphold the arts, high culture, and athletics as the blending places of all people. We enthusiastically embrace newness into our repertoire, freshness in our government, young blood into our teams. At the same time, the streets erupt into violence with painful regularity, often pitting one social strata or race against another. We have not figured out how to reconcile those two, countervailing influences. There is wariness to open up to a group that seems so different, even though they hail from the same hometown.

The culture of Philadelphia is often described as hot-headed, stubborn beyond reason, and unreasonably proud. Maybe those things are true. But that same culture is also fiercely loyal, stubborn in love, and enthusiastically alive. We want to test one another - how Philly are you? That's not my Philadelphia. prove that you belong here! We believe it helps us protect our identity, when it simply shuts others out. The City of Brotherly Love can begin to live into its name by letting more in, with more love, and fewer tests.

So, in the spirit of philia, I encourage you to consider who you love "like a brother." How can we extend our circles to include those who, by all other accounts, should be welcomed with open arms? How do we reclaim the legacy Penn left us? We can start by showing love.

- Liz

Upcoming Schedule

Friday Evening

  • Harvey Cedars Trip Begins


  • Harvey Cedars Trip

Sunday Morning Schedule

  • Combined Youth Sunday School, 9:15 AM (Youth Room)
  • Contemporary Worship, 11:00 AM (Sanctuary)
  • Harvey Cedars Trip Ends

Sunday Evening Schedule

  • NO Youth Group
  • NO Praise Team Rehearsal

Wednesday Evening Schedule

  • Youth Gathering, 7:00 PM (Youth Room)

The #30SecondBible Series

"It would take the average person 65 hours of nonstop reading to make it through the entire Bible, from the opening "In the beginning" of Genesis to the closing "Amen" of Revelation."

Or, it would, if you didn't have this exciting new project!

Every day in Lent, the site 30 Seconds or Less is publishing a 30 second talk on a book of the bible. Each recording will contain a summary and a reflection on the book's contents by Christian pastors, theologians, and scholars (including a seminary friend of mine! Shameless plug).

Already this week, they've shared videos from Genesis through Judges!

Check out the video linked below for a summary of the Old Testament.

To Know Where You're Going

February: Teen Dating Safety Month

Even though February is billed a month of love, chocolate, and roses, there are many people who don't get the opportunity to experience a healthy relationship because of dating violence or abuse. One in three teens will experience some form of abuse in a dating relationship. We can help reduce that number by increasing our awareness

February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month. This month - and every month - we encourage you to learn about the signs of dating violence and the networks that are in place to help you or your friends. The advocates at Love is Respect have a lot of resources for people of all ages to use in combating dating violence.

If you, or someone you know, are experiencing any of the warning signs of dating abuse, please reach out to a trusted mandated reporter (teacher, pastor, counselor) or law enforcement. If you aren't sure what steps to take, click the first two links to see a list of resources.

Always remember, you are not alone.

Lenten Devotionals

Lent began on Wednesday, February 10 and we have a devotional to accompany you through this contemplative time of year. I encourage you to take a devotional and read through it during Lent. You will enjoy the insightful messages written by members of MPC - including several youth.

You can find the devotionals in Hassler Chapel.

Wednesday Nights

We are running our Wednesday Evening Programs for all ages! Children can join Danielle for Biblical Drama while Parents can join one of two classes: a class entitled #Struggles or a Mom's Group!

All programs will run from 7:00-8:00 PM.

We are exploring Rob Bell's video series Nooma and enjoying some mid-week fellowship!



  • Friday, February 12
    All-Church Retreat @ Harvey Cedars Begins
  • Saturday, February 13
    All-Church Retreat @ Harvey Cedars
  • Sunday, February 14
    All-Church Retreat @ Harvey Cedars Ends
    Combined MS & HS Sunday School
    No Youth Group


Parents and Friends -

If you are interested in volunteering with the youth, either in Sunday School or Youth Group, please email Liz!

You are welcome to join us as often as you are able!

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Youth Program of Media Presbyterian Church

Media Presbyterian Church considers ministry to Youth and their families to be one of the most important ministries the Church can provide.

The Youth Ministry programs at MPC has long been a place that welcomes teenagers to embrace their questions and their struggles with faith in a healthy and safe environment.

The Youth Program is led by Ms. Liz Remelius, Director of Youth Ministries. Liz nurtures a deep love of education and believes that there is "a divine beauty in learning." She hopes that anyone who participates in MPC's Youth Ministry will be equipped to ask questions, search for answers, and turn that knowledge into action, both in the Church and the world.