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Monday, May 2 - Three Weeks Left in Latin II!

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Progress Reports

I will be sending progress reports to schools on Tuesday evening. Schools will receive them on Thursday. I will also be sending reports to parents on Monday and Tuesday so that you will be aware of your student's status in the course.

AP Exams

Good luck to those of you who are taking AP Exams today! If you are all caught up, please take time to relax after your AP exams and to study and review for the Latin exam. If you need to catch up and your school does not require you to go to classes after exams, please utilize any extra time over the next two weeks to catch up on your Latin work so that you finish strong! Everyone can still finish successfully! You just need to start working steadily if you are behind in order to catch up.

Plan to take the final exam by Friday, May 20th, our last official day of class. The exam is open note, but you may not use the internet to search for answers outside of the Latin course, so have your course notes handy!

Live Class

I have a meeting tonight, so Live Class will be late. I'll be there at 8 PM. Since we are finished with our course chapters, I will not be teaching a specific lesson, but will be ready to answer your questions or to help you with assignments.

Jennifer Kunka, Instructor - Latin II Section 3 and 4