Pay Per Download


Easy way to make money online

Most of you might be struggling real hard to make some money online by trying to fill some odd surveys or posting ads for some company which pays you actually peanuts. There is a much better way to make some good money. And the better news is that it involves only as much as almost ten percent costs to set that up in comparison to what you end up earning.

What is unique about having a pay per download network?

The most unique feature is that your files are being paid for. It is no more a social service by uploading certain things on the website. The major motivation that you can have to get involved in a pay per download network is to see the amount of money you get for zero investment. Once you contact a website which offers this kind of service, you become an ‘affiliate’ with that website. You can upload anything that is downloadable, like a music file or an image and then leave the rest to the website who is handling the pay per download for you. It is totally hassle free and genuine if you choose the right website to do it for you.

How do these websites help?

The websites then allow a third party merchant to associate their surveys or actions with your downloadable files. So each time a person chooses the link to download, he has to fulfill a small activity and once it’s done successfully, the money is credited in your name. Nobody has anything to lose here. The download is smooth, the merchant gets his survey, and you get your money.

How much is the pay?

Depending on the policy of the website and the third party merchants they are associated with, the pay is usually $1 -$ 2 per download, which means you get a whooping $1000-$2000 for 1000 downloads. Some websites pay too low that is $10 per 1000 downloads. You can simply choose to look for other options in that case.

The pay can change depending on which country the file is getting downloaded from. Usually the payment made is weekly or monthly but some websites also pay on a daily basis. In all the cases the minimum pay remains to be $10.

Now that you know how advantageous Pay Per Download network is, you can choose to let go your old way of free downloads, and instead get paid for the same kind of files.