Earth's Amazing Physical Features!!

Physical Features

Regions of Earth

Our planet is divided into 7 continents. They are: Africa, Australia, North and south America, Antarctica, Asia, Europe. There are more different ways to divide our extraordinary earth. Like time zones, regions, N. S. W. E. Time zones are very important because you could in California and that is a different time than Alaska. I am taking my time to explain the different things how are region is divided so you do not get so confused.

Gobi Dessert

Gobi means "water less place." Another fact is the temperature is continental. Temperatures range from -40 degree's below zero. In January highs to 113 degrees. The Gobi Dessert has nothing really near the place because it is just dessert. Some challenges are: Predators because there are harmful animals. Dehydration to get a lot of water because you are going to be walking a lot. Shelter so you can sleep to keep safe. There is a lot of snow. Some packing tips are: winter clothing, lots of water, compass.

Amazon River

Here are facts about the Amazon River: It is close to the Andes Mountains, Amazon is the largest river in the world. Amazon River has a water source. Then after you go there then go to the Andes Mountains. The Amazon river has challenges and those are predators and poisonous plants. You will want to bring shorts and a compass but not swimming gear because there could be deadly animals in the water!! Tennis shoes because of walking around. Shelter of some sort.
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