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What is a Morse code machine you ask it is a machine that is used so you can have a conversation with someone that is far away and you cant talk to them face to face and you cant afford a phone. So you use a machine that has a knob on one side and you would press the knob and then the person receiving the message would get it through a different looking machine it is like a box that has speakers that allows the noise to come through the box and allow them to know what you are trying to tell them and they would be able to send you a message back.

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these are not real just made up things


Something that I learned about this invention is that is was toxic when it was being put together the reason it was toxic is because some of the things that they put into it was mercury. another thing that I leaned about this invention was that it was not like the one that we use today it was more of a piece of wood that would make the wire go up and down sending the message. the third thing that I learned about this invention is that it was used to send long messages that could not wait for the mail man to come and take it to the person that it was for. fourth thing that I learned about this invention is that people could use it at any time because most of them could afford one. the last thing that I learned about this invention is that it was used by the military in world war one and they would use them to send messages to the government so they could know what exactly what was happening over seas in another country.

one effect that this invention had on the people in the 1800's is it allowed them to communicate when they were far away from one another and it also allowed them to have a big jump/boom in the technology that allowed them to talk to people long distance without having to pay for a pay phone or something like that.

the persuasive tactic that I used was band wagon