5th Grade 101

Mrs. Harris' Class Newsletter for 4/4/16

What We Are Doing This Week

Math: We will continue practicing skills that we have previously learned while experiencing some new problem solving situations such as logical reasoning puzzles and brain teasers. We will also begin practicing multiplication with 3 digits by 3 digits.

Science: We will finish up analyzing the water cycle using an Explore Learning Gizmo. On Tuesday we will review moon phases and reading weather maps, Students will complete 2 assignments related to each concept. On Wednesday we will review for the benchmark test on Thursday. On Thursday then students will complete the science benchmark and analyze it on Friday.

Thursday's Science Benchmark Reminders

Students were reminded that they:

  • will not need backpacks
  • will need to bring a snack and water bottle
  • will not need to bring pencils or other supplies
  • will need to bring 2 books
  • will not be allowed to have lunch with any visitors because a schedule change


Math: DMH Week 28

Science: Part 4 Week 1 and study

Upcoming Events

  • Monday April 4th: Report Cards and Level 1 letters go home
  • Thursday April 7th: Science Benchmark
  • Monday April 18th: BizTown Interviews
  • Monday & Tuesday May 9th & 10th: 3rd and 4th Grade STAAR testing (STAAR + schedule change = No visitors)
  • Wednesday May 11th: Science STAAR ((STAAR + schedule change = No visitors)
  • Friday May 27th: 5th Grade Day and Talent Show