St. Patrick Catholic School

Weekly Bulletin-September 3rd, 2021

Our staggered entry was a great success!

We are off to a terrific start and our students are very happy in their learning spaces. The staggered entry was very successful as our students are settling in nicely to regular day routines (and new routines) at school. Our new Pre-K and Kindergarten students did a fantastic job on their first day of school-we are very proud of them. Thank you to our wonderful staff for making our students feel so welcome and safe. Consistent two-way communication between home and school is very important for a successful school year. We have included an electronic copy of the AHS screening tool within this Smore and have sent a bright colored paper copy that could be posted at home. A reminder that attendance at school is a declaration that screening has been completed.

Our new division faith theme "Called to More" will be referenced to often by staff and students as a great way to approach this learning year. As Christians we are called to love, serve, and make a difference in this world. We are called for such a time as this.

Mrs. Ellert and I are always out on bus supervision (am and pm) should you ever need to chat-please come and say hi. As always, we can be reached by phone/email or appointment.

God bless,


Mrs. Ellert


  • Tuesday, September 14th- Meet the Teacher 6:00pm-7:30pm
  • Wednesday, September 29th- Terry Fox Run
  • Friday, September 30th- Orange Shirt Day
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Meet the teacher

Meet The Teacher Night will be on Tuesday, September 14 from 6:00-7:30. We want to offer the opportunity for parents to safely meet their child’s teacher and see their classroom. We ask that all visitors respect the rules laid out for the night.

  • Each time slot will be 10 minutes long, 8 minutes in the classroom and 2 minutes to enter and exit the school. Please respect your allotted time. You will meet the teacher and have a short checklist of activities to do with your child.

  • Exit and enter through your child’s door.

  • All visitors to the school must wear a mask

  • Maximum of two parents per child.

  • There will be a max. of three families in the classroom at a time.

  • We ask that only children registered at St.Pats attend.

  • If you have more than one child at our school, chairs will be set outside the classroom for them while they are waiting for their appointment.

Please sign up using the following link:

Covid Re-Entry Plan- UPDATED

Respiratory Etiquette- NEW Guidelines effective Tuesday, September 7th

K- grade 4 and all staff

  • Masks must be worn in all common areas, hallways, foyers, lunchrooms, libraries and in areas where social distancing is not possible. Masks may be removed in classroom when students are seated.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

  • Daily cleaning for all areas of the school, washrooms and high touch surface areas will be cleaned several times a day.
  • Deep cleaning with our healthcare grade system when students are not present.

Hand Hygiene

  • Students and staff will continue to make hand sanitizing and washing hands part of their daily school routine. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the school and at all entryways.


  • We will continue with grade cohorts within the school. Cohorts will be larger when outside and cohorted by grade levels. The zones will switch monthly as to allow both outside cohorts access to all the fun areas of our schoolyard.
  • Bathrooms will continue to have a procedure to limit the amount of students in the bathroom at one time.
  • Physical distancing will continue to be practiced and encouraged within the confines of the classroom and other areas within the school.
  • At this time there will be no school wide assemblies.

Responding to Illness

  • The AHS screening tool for COVID-19 symptoms will continue to be part of our everyday school routine. If your child is symptomatic they are not to come to school that day. The screening tool will be listed below. Please print it off and have it somewhere visible in your home.
  • Should a student develop symptoms of illness at school, parents will be notified and advised to pick up their child as soon as possible. Students showing symptoms waiting for pick up will be asked to put a mask on if not already wearing one. Please make sure to update your emergency contact as symptomatic students will need to be picked up from school in a timely manner.

School Access

  • It is required that visitors to the school wear a mask.
  • Parents and visitors are permitted to enter the school provided there is a valid reason. We ask that student pick up and drop off happen outside their designated entry and exit doors. Gatherings outside classrooms or hallways isn't to occur.
  • Visitors to the school will need to check into the office on arrival and check out on departure.

Water Fountains

  • All water fountains will be closed, however water fillable stations will remain open to fill

    personal water bottles. Student may bring in their own personal water bottle; filled from

    home or from a water filling station at the school.

OUR 2021-2022 ST. PAT'S STAFF:

Principal: Michelle Nanias

Assistant Principal: Stacy Ellert

Secretary: Stacey Miller

Pre-Kindergarten (4 year old) Program - Nola Bellamy

Kindergarten - Nola Bellamy, Cathy Dacey

Gr. 1 - Georgina Baker, Jason Ernst, Cristina West

Gr. 2 - Morgan Wilson, Stacy Lofgren, Mindy Wilcox, Mitchel Higgins

Gr. 3 - Alysha Blackburn, Jana Gau, Stacy Ellert/Sandra Calrson, Zoe Bohaychuck

Gr. 4 - Lindsay Sharek, Kyla Kucy, Diane Kueber

Music: Sandra Carlson

Collaborative Response Coordinator: Mindy Wilcox

Family Wellness Worker: Laurie Kushnerick

Physical Literacy Lead: Greg Doll

Chaplain: Cristina West, Alysha Blackburn

Learning Commons: Linda Dueck

EA's: Jean Rawson, Trisha Kenzie, Rochelle Leslie, Stephanie Ragan, Janet Rudosky, Amanda Wallace

Custodians: Irene Kiebiech, Phobe Plester

Welcome to our new staff!!

New to our staff this year teaching Gr. 2 is Mitchel Higgins,Zoe Bohaychuck in grade 3 and Stacy Miller as our secretary.



Please use the following designated entrances for your child. See MAP.

These entrances are to be used for morning arrival (drop-off), recesses, and departure (pick-up) in the afternoon. The front entrance will be designated for our PRE-K and ECS students.

South Front entrance- PRE-K, Kindergarten

N.East entrance (Gr. 3/4 portable wing)- 3G, 3E/C,3BOH, 3B

S.East entrance (directly adjacent to STAFF parking lot)- 2W/H, 2L,2M

North entrance (Gr. 3/4 portable wing)- 4K, 4Kucy, 4S

West entrance (Gr. 1 wing)- 1B,1W, 1E


Students who arrive on the bus will go directly to their designated entrances where they will see a marked pylon and will line-up with their homeroom. Students who get dropped off by families should arrive no earlier than 8:15 and proceed to their marked line up. Students will wait in line until their teacher signals them into the boot room to sanitize and proceed to homeroom. With rain/inclement weather, staff will be available to expedite this process where students would access classrooms earlier.

**Late students will be required to enter through the front doors. Proceed directly to office to check in.**


Under the direction of their teacher, students will stagger exit from their respective entry point at the end of the day. Bus students will report directly to respective bus line-ups and parents picking children up can wait outside of entrance or at a designated meeting spot (arranged with your child).

PLEASE NOTE: We have NO OUTSIDE SUPERVISION available earlier than 8:10 am.


Please remember to send your child with appropriate clothing for the weather. We want our students to enjoy their recess and being properly dressed can make that happen.



The office hours are: 8:00 - 3:30 during scheduled school days.

If calling during lunch time (12:00 - 12:30) please leave a message and Ms. Miller will return your call as soon as she can.

Remember to phone and book an appointment if you need to come into the school @ 780-672-2177.


If you have a message to pass onto your child for end of day arrangements please call the school office no later than 2:45 pm due to the end of day staggered dismissal times.

It is very difficult to find a child once they have left the classroom at the end of the school day.


If entry is needed, screening protocols are required. All visitors will need to use the self-screening tool, wear a mask, hand sanitize and sign-in at the office as a record of all school visitors must be kept.

Great start to the year!

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SCHOOL PATROL-in front of school

We do have our Gr. 4's provide crosswalk patrol in front of the school but this likely will NOT occur for a few weeks until they have been properly trained. Please be careful using the crosswalks as our front street (53 Ave) is very busy before and after school.


Please make alternate plans for pick-up/drop-off location as our Staff parking lot is no longer available as an option. This area has become far too congested in the past and is an extreme OH&S concern. Please look at streets/locations that are close to your child' designated entrance where you can safely guide them.. While we understand that this takes away some convenience, we are more concerned about the safety of your children. Please see the attached pic showing some highlighted safe alternatives considerations for drop-off/pick-up.

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